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Heliopolis LLC is an international firm having its registered office, manufacturing facility . Every industry or factory has certain wastes that are collected in their facility and our mission is to convert such waste to value and recycle it in an ecofriendly manner to be high value secondary Raw Materials. Currently our focus is on recycling of refractory waste from steel, glass and Cement industry, manufacture Silica Ramming and supply raw Materials to refractory companies

We work very closely with our customers as most of our products are customized to serve their specific needs. Our continuous research & development along with leading consultants and research institutes has helped ensuring products and solutions of highest quality.

Steel industry

Glass industries


Cement industries


  • To protect the environment by minimizing pollution and landfilling
  • To provide economical and cost effective solutions
  • To generate value from waste products and convert waste to secondary raw Materials.
  • To serve customers with highest quality of refractory products and Raw Materials.